Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mid-Week Wonder: Becoming

         Magie Belle is all about beautiful magic and magical beauty.  What that means to me is that we choose to seek out and hold to the beautiful things, the things that have value -- often these aren't "things" at all, but people and memories and experiences. 

         The objects we choose to treasure should have significant meaning to our unique experiences. Vintage typewriters aren't just cool to me (although they are pretty awesome machines) but personally, I can recall the school papers and "books" my mom typed for me on her old, manual Brother typewriter. There's an experiential connection.

fearless creativity

           My younger little beauty was an artist born. Self-expression has always been important to her, but as she's getting older, I'm realizing that art is an integral part of how she develops her understanding of the world, how she communicates fear, happiness, truth, how faith in her creator will grow.  She is taking a workshop at Spokane's Tin Man Too , an art gallery and bookstore for little people, and is making an Altered Book.

           Of course, as her mama, I think she's super-gifted :)! But, what intrigued me is how she responded to the actual process of the project.  She's sort of shy and acts a little funny sometimes, if not under-confident.  But she is utterly fearless with paint and tape and glue and the wide-open opportunity to have 90 minutes make her imagination become something tangible. She's doing what she was made to do. 

In her creative element, she is becoming someone else entirely.  Herself. And I am in awe of that.

the front and back cover of her altered book in progress

          Without even planning on it, I stumbled upon a mid-week wonder. 

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